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An Overview Of Golf Rangefinders


More and more golfers take advantage of the golf distance meter as they find ways to reduce the number of shots while playing. These amazing devices can determine the exact distance of objects such as cellars, trees and even flags!

The rangefinder has appeared a few years now, but only after advances in technology, they are becoming more popular.

If you want to start using a golf distance meter as a part of your golf game, there are two different types of distance meters you can buy; GPS or Laser.

An overview of this golf rangefinder will explain the main difference between the two.


General overview


The GPS stands for Global Positioning System and this device works using satellite technology to measure certain distances of objects on the golf course. The laser version works by firing a beam of light into an obstacle and then calculating the time required to beam back.

Both of these devices have proven to be extremely precise and both are very popular. Deciding which one is right for you will depend on your preference. If you want to learn more about golf rangefinder golf range finders reviews golf completes will help you with lots of useful information.


Various features


Both these golf rangefinder have many features. The laser version can measure the distance of an object as long as it can reflect light. Therefore, trees, tunnels and hills can all be measured. Some of the courses have reflexes on the top of the flag to measure the distance.

Laser distance meters can also be used away from golf in environments such as building and hunting! 

The GPS device uses pre-selected points to determine the distance. In fact, the high-level models will also display an aerial view of the whole hole! It's great if the course you're playing is not familiar to you.

Both versions of the golf distance meter are compact and small enough to comfortably fit the most golf bags.


Are they easy to use?


Use a laser distance meter similar to that of a camera; You just need to aim for an object and press the button. The GPS device requires you to download the database for each course you will play; This makes them a bit more complicated, although once everything has been set up, they are also easy to use as the laser version.


Some limitations


With a golf laser distance meter, it can be difficult to determine the distance of horizontal objects such as water or sand. So you may need to find a nearby portrait object and measure the distance to it.

GPS devices typically require a monthly subscription to allow certain features. You may find that certain golf courses also charge for the use of GPS distance meter.




Both devices have advantages and disadvantages, but the good thing about both devices is their accuracy.

You can see that in order to measure very fast distances, a GPS unit is more suitable, but with the benefit of measuring the distance of almost any object, a laser version can be preferred.


All is by your personal preference!


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