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A super-high-powered blender-type appliance that May puree Whole fruits and vegetables seeds, skin and all). It utilizes flat"hammermill" blades which, as stated by the manufacturer,"never need to be sharpened or replaced."

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Assembly Requires virtually no meeting. Parts consist of A base, a blenderlike container and a translucent dome-shaped lid with built in feeding tube. Lid clamps on readily. Performance Especially Great for"juicing" soft- or Medium-fleshed fruits, producing smooth beverages chock full of all of the fruit's original goodness and fiber. The berries liquefied into a really tasty and full-bodied juicewith a thick, souplike consistency. Simmering over medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes, as the manufacturer suggests, does lean the juice, but our testers felt it destroyed a few of the pure tomato flavor.

The pineapple juice was incredible! We mixed 2 1/2 cups Fresh lemon chunks with 1 cup of ice cubes, as the producers directed. The end result was a thick, sweet, creamy, frothy feel, like a tropical cocktail.

Hard, fibrous vegetables, however, do not give their Character as readily to this Vita-Mix - since we found making carrot juice. Pureeing carrots was not the problem; the Vita-Mix climbed to the challenge. But it was necessary to breed the carrot puree. We used a colander lined with cheese-cloth. After squeezing and pressing the puree, we could extract an extremely smooth, sweet juice using a pure and good carrot flavor. The whole process took approximately five minutes. Other Uses The most versatile of these juicers we tested, a Vita-Mix can do anything that a blender does - and even more. It grinds grain and kneads dough, and can whip up frozen desserts with or without yogurt. Cleanup Couldn't be easier. Simply fill with warm, soapy water and then turn on. Or, rinse the blenderlike container and dome-shaped lid and drain. And if that is too much problem, simply put the Vita-Mix in your own dishwasher. Don't forget to flush the spout, because debris will not collect there. Buying information Priced at $380. For information on ordering, write to

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Method of Operation A juice extractor that finely chews that the Food, then extrudes the juice out of the pulp with hydraulic pressure. Assembly Not hard. Four to five separate pieces need to be assembled whenever you juice, but after doing it many times, the procedure becomes comfy and simple. Along with the accompanying manual offers easy-to-understand directions. You have to supply your own bowls to collect the pulp and juice. Performance The Champion handled each food easily, usually producing a smooth and pleasing juice using some body to it. The carrot juice was particularly full-bodied, even pulpy - a consistency one of our testers described as"good and hearty." The tomato juice was also rich-tasting - considerably thicker than store-bought juice. Additionally, it produced a fresh-looking merchandise compared with canned. The overall consensus of the testers was that it was"very good" to"excellent."

Pineapple juice was the exception. The juice was thin, like Store-bought pineapple juice. It did, nevertheless, have an extremely fresh pineapple flavor. Other Programs The Champion comes with only one alternate attachment - a metal plate that fits within the juice . This plate prevents the juice out of being extracted, leading to a nice sip of vegetable or fruit. By feeding frozen fruit into the juicer equipped with this attachment, then you can create fantastic soft-serve frozen-fruit desserts with no fat or sugar added. We tried it with frozen strawberries and at less than a moment, a rich, deep-red, smooth, refreshing confection appeared. An unsurpassed strawberry sorbet! Utilizing this attachment, you can even grind grains. Cleanup All parts must be dismantled from the base and cleaned in cold, soapy water after every use. Not dishwasher-safe; components occasionally stain but can easily be cleaned with a bleach solution. Purchasing Information Priced at $270. For info, write to Plastaket Manufacturing Co.,,

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Method of Operation Grates foods, then extracts the juice centrifugal force. Vegetables or fruits are pressed against a rotating wheel of fine blades at the base of a sievelike basket. The grated produce is flung from the sieve. Juice filters through. Assembly Not hard: The bowl fits into the base housing, and a strainer basket, blade and clutch nut fit to the bowl. The lid is clamped on with two side-latch arms, so much like those on a footlocker. Performance Produced what many would consider the"perfect" carrot juice rich-tasting with a beautiful orange color and a thick, somewhat grainy" mouthfeel." One tester described as"creamy-rich using a true carrot flavor."

Similarly, the pineapple pulp brought"excellent" Ratings from our tasters, who described it as eloquent and smooth, filled with the taste of fresh pineapple. It attracted"excellent" ratings in the testers.

Just the tomato Juice was somewhat disappointing - also Thick and frothy, based on our testers. Additional Use Like other Centrifugal-type pens, the Omega does not come with attachments. It's Designed solely for juice extraction. Cleanup Involves unscrewing the Clutch nut which holds the blade and dismantling the pulp-catching cylindrical Strainer in the bowl. The pulp must be scraped by hand. (To facilitate This cleaning operation, newspaper filters available in the manufacturer may be Inserted from the strainer before use.) The bowl, blade and basket components should Be rinsed with water - never with warm water rather than in a dishwasher. Buying info Priced at $234. For information about ordering, write to Omega Products, Inc.,