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There are many ways to boost your vitality without resorting to popping artificial manufactured supplements and pills. It is an age old fact that certain natural food groups are power packed by Mother Nature to provide you with all your needs to increase energy levels. From foods and drinks to vitamin and mineral supplements you must eat for vitality!! Complex carbohydrates are a long lasting energy food group for example;

Eat good quality natural Foods and drink plenty of water


  • PORRIDGE -it is such a great start to the day and releases energy slowly all day, which will dissuade you from nibbling naughty chocolate bars which can be a quick fix for blood sugar levels, but in no time at all you want more!!
  • Starches such as pasta, white bread or rice will make you feel tired and sleepy, so not good for lunch-time when only half way through the day.
  • Garlic contains germanium; a clove a day is good for improving the body's energy production as well as antioxidants to strengthen the immune system Visit Naturalsuperreds Home .
  • APPLES - Lower cholesterol, stabilises blood sugar, and are a good source of fibre.
  • ASPARAGUS-helps treat insomnia, relieve indigestion, and combats water retention.
  • BANANAS -Vitamin 6 full of fibre and energy releasing starch, if you have trouble sleeping try eating a banana which will increase serotonin which is an antidepressant.
  • BROCCOLI -Reduces risks of cancer, strokes and heart disease and helps anemia, and regulates blood pressure. All green vegetables have high levels of iron, antioxidants, carotenes and foliate.
  • CELERY -Helps water retention and soothe frazzled nerves!!! it also regulates blood pressure.
  • PEAS- High level of nutrients are within peas,often under-estimated, eating peas helps protect against heart disease and they are a rich source of Vitamin B1 and fibre, eat frozen or fresh.
  • PEPPERS - Antioxidant and full of Vitamin C and carotene.
  • PULSES -High energy giving food for e.g. chickpeas lentils and beans, which help protect against anemia, reduce the risk of heart disease, and stabilise blood sugar levels.
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  • SOYA BEANS -Found in milk yoghurts and cheese reduces the risk of heart disease improves digestion and steadies blood sugar levels.
  • All these foods are the top ten energy giving foods, a well balanced diet including these will help you get through each day, happily and healthily, and if you can eat
  • SPINACH -As promoted by Popeye! Super rich in iron, Potassium antioxidants and folic acid. Reducing incidence of certain cancers. Baby spinach is delicious eaten raw in salads.
  • ORGANIC FOODS all the better for you,(not the genetically modified type!


Most Soft fruits such as berries, oranges, peaches, apricots. pears and so forth are full of natural sugars that help to boost your energy and they last much longer then man made sugars from cakes, sweets and so forth. A good salad not only looks good, it does you good and tastes good with all those wonderful natural ingredients coming together to entice your taste buds. Vegetables are a must and should part of your daily diet, for fibre as well as the mineral content.