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Art and Science of Project Management to Accelerate Project Success

Steve William tarafınan (2019-11-07)

Far from being mysterious, a project’s success can be achieved through the diligent, persistent use of the science of project management. But only science isn’t enough; no one can say that success comes without art—on the contrary, art is immensely important too.

Moninder Birdi, as a business executive, believes that art comprehends political and interpersonal skills, making creative decisions fearlessly when complete information is lacking. But learning the basic science is essential to practicing this art of project management. Stirring up the team with a power-packed speech will be a waste of energy and time if the project lacks goals and a fundamental plan.

Science of project management for leadership

The art of leadership symbolizes skills that are gained through sensitivity, experience, and a thorough understanding of the basic science of management. Learning the basics of project management is your first step towards becoming a skilled and inspiring leader.

While developing all the necessary skills may take time, the basic discipline can be learned fairly quickly.  Projects are now defined as one-time work that has both a clear beginning and end. This kind of work may be compared with the ongoing operations of an organization that involve constant repetitive work—such as manufacturing—with no definite end.

Incorporating art in the world of project management

The dynamics of companies and businesses are changing—and the rate of this change is increasing. To deal with this constantly evolving business world, learning the art to adapt, juggle, and manage has become increasingly important.

Projects are required to efficiently re-engineer an organization, streamlines a company’s direction in a new market, or innovate a new product. For all this to happen seamlessly, Moninder Birdi, suggests expanding the need and standard for project managers. And while working on new projects can be exciting and challenging, practicing the art of project management will become crucial on different stages of this new development.

Moninder Birdi

Moninder Birdi

Moninder Birdi

Moninder Birdi

Moninder Birdi